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Who Are We?

      We are an Irish owned electronic distribution company specializing in the areas of:

Security, Networking, Satellite, Consumer TV, Digital Signage, Set Top Boxes & Smart Home Solutions.

 Providing excellence to over 600 businesses across Ireland, UK and Europe.

We are extremely proud of our brand and the journey we have made since our beginning in 2006.

We take fulfillment in supplying local and national businesses with the tools that enable them to reach their highest potential.

Guaranteed Irish

As a proud member of Guaranteed Irish, we design, develop and build our own inhouse brands: IC Realtime, C2MAX & 4ife.

IC RealtimeC2 Max 4IFE

To fulfil our customers requirements and complement our brands we are also proud distributors of brands such as:

Panasonic, Dahua, Uniview, Labgear, Ferguson, Tenda & SATEL.

Why IC Plus?

               Registered Producer Pre & Post Sales Support  Expert Training & Exclusive Client Webshop

Registered Producer
Did you know that if your supplier is not registered, you are liable?

Here at IC Plus we take compliance seriously and are fully registered producers and members of WEEE Ireland.

Once you are with us you can rest assured that you are fully covered.

PRL  weee Ireland

Pre-Sales Support

At IC Plus we provide our clients with guidance and support both before and after every transaction.

We take satisfaction in dedicating the time to build and construct each recorder to meet your individual requirements.

support   Support

Through our Project Package value-added service, our experts can preconfigure every camera and networking piece of equipment to

increase your productivity by saving valuable installation time.

Post-Sales Support

We care about our clients and ensure that they are always looked after while they are with us.

Our tech whiz team are on hand, ready to assist with any issues that may arise.

 Fast Support    Average Waiting Call Time is 5 seconds     

Expert Training

The expansive world of technology is constantly evolving.

As proud experts in our field we understand the importance of keeping ourselves, and our clients plugged in and up to date with 

this ever-changing world.

At IC Plus we offer in-house specialist training workshops that will inspire those to thrive.

These are targeted to installers, engineers, system integrators, end-users or anyone that is looking to increase their knowledge!


Exclusive Client Webshop

Our complete catalogue is available with 24/7 access to pricing which is restricted to our clients only.

You can also download datasheets & manuals - along with any previous invoices.

With a multitude of technology to choose from, picking the correct supporting technology can be stressful - especially if you are in a rush!

Our Related Products feature has been carefully programmed by our team to guarantee an effortless selection when choosing the right

accompanying accessories.

Our LiveChat for sales and support enquiries also puts you in direct contact with our team should you need any assistance!

The passion behind our work is driven by our staff and their devotion to meeting and exceeding our client's requirements. 


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