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DA-KTP01-S  & DA-KTP01-F . Contact us if you require any further advice


The Dahua Access Outdoor Station + Indoor monitor Kit is perfect for those that want to achieve trustworthy security and monitor who exactly is passing through their doorway. The screen allows you to easily decide who enters your property through voice and/or video. The camera itself has been examined to understand its ability to withstand harsh environments and given both an IK07 & IP65 rating.


7inch Screen
The 7inch screen delivers clear video which allows you to monitor exactly who is at, or passing by your doorway.
The screen allows you to unlock and video call with simply one touch. The mute feature also allows you to hear
what is happening without you also being heard. 

The camera's design enables you to still achieve a clear image and video even in moments of extreme sunlight. 

Built and designed for outdoors, this camera was examined and given the following ratings. This camera received an
IP65 rating as it is totally protected against any dust infiltrating the lends and it is also protected against
water pressure. The camera was also given an IK07 rating as it can withstand a 500g object being dropped from
a 40cm height.  

Other Features Include:

  • Indoor monitoring function: Unlock, video call, volume adjustment and doorway monitoring.
  • Quantity of outdoor station and indoor monitor: 2 outdoor station + 3 indoor monitor.
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